Friday, March 5, 2010

Who is that calling my name?

Jesse has been sick with bronchitus this week.  I have been pulling a little extra duty where he would normally help me out here at Promise House.  My name is ever so popular...Mrs. Susan....Mrs. Susan...I can almost say it is almost like when my own children were little and I heard the word Momma every 15 seconds! 
Some of the Mrs. Susan's of the week have been:

      Mrs. Susan:  How long are you and Mr. Jesse gonna work here at Promise House?

      Mrs. Susan:  Have you really ever cooked before? (ha! Mr. Jesse normally does all the cooking)

      Mrs. Susan:  I didn't wash my clothes on Tuesday which was my day to wash...can I wash them tonight?

      Mrs. Susan:  You really have three kids? 

      Mrs. Susan:  Did you have to have a C Section? (please remember we are house parents of a maternity home)

       Mrs. Susan:  I can't sing Happy Birthday cause I will spit all over her birthday cake!

 The last one I will share but by no ways the last one for the week!  As I tell the girls in the van after picling them up from school that we are going to have to stop for gas due to the tank almost being on the
"E"...I hear from the back seat...Mrs. Susan...I am just gonna die right here if I don't get a drink of water right now!   

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