Friday, March 19, 2010

Pecan Island Mission Trip 2007

Kellys Korner blog every Friday does a Show Us Your Life.  Todays was Mission Trips.  Here is one of mine:

In 2007 we moved to Lamar, Ar where my husband was the pastor of Lamar Baptist Church.  We planned a mission trip to go back to where we had come help with some of the clean up from Hurricane Rita.  We contacted the Pastor and his wife at Pecan Island Baptist Church.  They were more than willing for us to come.  This island was totally under water with Hurricane Rita.  There was only one house that was not touched in some sort of way with this storm.  If you have ever lived in an area where there is destruction such as a hurricane, a tornado, etc you may have had the heart like I had to go back and see that there was help even after two years.  I was able to participate in this mission trip due to a kind and loving church that was willing to send a group of us there to help a very small church.  The pictures tell the story....enjoy!

Painting the sign that belonged to the church.

Painting the front steps of the church.

Jesse helping dig a water line

We were able to help two families in the community.  Above is a before and after picture of a trailer.  The other is a trailer that belonged to an Uncle and nephew who needed a small porch to sit under on an afternoon after working all day.

Mrs. Broussard holding the prayer blanket that the ladies of the church made.  We were able to give out over 40 of these blankets to the families on the Island.

A typical scene but beautiful in the bayou.

On the last day of very high temperatures God sends a cloud to cover our men working on the tin roof.
For a few minutes we were able to get down and play in the water along the Louisiana Gulf Coast

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