Wednesday, March 10, 2010


John at graduation with his family.  Georgiana and "B"

Ben at John's graduation while we said the Pledge to the Flag

I have two soldiers who use to be my young'uns, my babies, my boys.  Now they are men thanks to the Army.  But I still have them in my heart and mind as my young'uns, my babies, my boys!  Always have been since I was told I was carrying them in my womb and always will be until the day I die.  They have both grown up and went about their way which is what a child is suppose to do.  But tonight I want to ask for prayer...maybe more for the mom than than the soldier but I seem to think the soldier.  One of them is deploying to Afghanstan and told me on facebook tonight that "it seems the closer we get to deployment the longer the days become" and the other one told me that "next weekend we go on a three day in the field".   By the end of the year both boys MEN could be in Afghanstan and the other in Iraq.  Then I truly can say...both mom and "da boys" will need your prayers. 

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