Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Thankful Season for a 2 lb 9 oz baby boy!

Jesse asked me today if I had blogged lately...I replied no. What do you say when you have been where I have been the last 5 days. I can only say that we live in world where there is a God that still does miracles every minute, every second, every hour and every day. We just have to believe!

I started out this past change over time going straight to the hospital with one of our girls. As we sat, looked and listened to the ultra ultrasound being done I only prayed that we would hear his heartbeat! We did! God is good. The next few days entailed us listening to thump, thump, thump until I learned how to turn down the sound...thank goodness for the person that invented that button. I learned how to pray for exactly what my girl and her baby needed as nurses and doctors came in and out of our room. I learned that I, only if I have to, can do a bedpan. I never thought I would be brought to that part of our world. I learned that God has a plan for all of us....even the tiniest in the world.

We are very thankful for a 2 lbs 9 0z baby boy that was born today. The doctor and nurses tell us he is doing good for his size. I am thankful! Our baby boy gained 6 ozs in the hospital in less than 5 one can't tell me that is not a God thing.

I am thankful for this new mother. I am praying that she understands all that is here before her even with her being as young as she is herself.

I cannot post pictures. This is ok. Just know that for your prayers we are eternally grateful. We ask that you keep praying.



Monday, October 26, 2009

I was blind but now I see.....

Tonight we finally got to talk with the kids who are 8 1/2 hours away! We had a blast. We played patty cake and waved at each other, by the way B's first time to wave at others was tongiht. I don't have a picture of K' but I will add one of him tomorrow evening. B and K were eating their supper that daddy said was a true "Owen supper" and I could tell they did take some things after their dad. He fixed them a ham sandwhich.K is 14 months and B is 13 months so I had no idea how he was getting them to eat a sandwhich with mayonaise. Daddy had cut the bread into tiny bites, along with the ham and cheese. Mammie doesn't know things and how they happen now days. No mayo was involved in this supper. But first we had to eat our bread then we ate our meat and cheese.
These were are first pics of the boys with Skype. We were at a conference last week with ABCH where we were sitting at the table with a relief houseparent from another ABCH home. Those of us that had grandchildren talked about them. One of the houseparents shared how she talked with hers, rather watched hers play cause they were too little to talk back. She loved it! She was a encouragement to me about my children and grandchildren. I can see them now.

Isn't it amazing what God has allowed man the knowledge to create? I agree some is for the good and some is for the bad but after tonight.....I believe that what I was able to use to witness my grandchildren eating was "for the good". As tears came to my eyes tonight watching the boys with their daddy....I am thankful this Thanksgiving season for my grandbabies and children whether by birth or by law! I love ya'll!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Scarecrows and Fall...o my!

I love Fall time. We have been busy decorating our home here at Promise House. I wanted a scarecrow for our outside door decoration. I was having trouble finding one that I really, really liked. So I came up with the idea, since I have all this fall fabric between what belonged to my mom and what I have bought over the years!

So with a 99 cent special pattern and a small bag of rafia....tada! My very own scarecrow! almoist finished here....gotta make a face tomorrow...more pics later! By the way this is a costume now featured as a scarecrow for display! ha!

Just a quick look at our fall decorations at Promise House! The girls love the homey feel that we now have! We do plan on painting pumkins in the future.....will show more pics of their artistic selves!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Momma's Quilts help host a Party

Promise House and the ABCH Development departement recently hosted a dinner for the Association of Southern Baptist Chhildren Homes Development, PR and Media. We used quilt tops that Momma had done before she past away last year. Did I say that I along got 28 quilt tops that need to be finished! Mom would cut and sew quilt tops while doing a lot of praying for things in her life.
The Promise House girls made all the placemats for the dinner. I was totally amazed at how well they all went together.
Mary Lou and the girls decorated the tables with the daisys in the fruit jars. Mary Lou took the time to teach the girls some techniques about setting the table for company.

This was a very bittersweet time for me. I sure wish I could still touch the hands that did all this sewing on these quilts. This was a time I wanted to pick up the phone and call her telling her what her handiwork was doing now.

The printed squares to the right of the jar that has the red blocks in it was one of my maternity tops that she made me. I found lots of different prints that mom had made me and the kids clothes thru out the year. My only question is: Will I ever get 28 quilt tops made in my lifetime? Momma did have a sense of think?

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Blankets of Many Colors

Our mom was a quilter. I never knew how many tops she had created until this past year when I brought back home to Promise House 28 quilt tops. This was hard for me as I am sure it was hard for my sisters. Momma always made most of our clothes especially dresses until we were grown and out on our own. I loved the feel of homemade cotton dresses. When my children started coming along Momma once again worked her magic with her sewing machine. I still have the dress that she made Becka at 3 months of course, I got a matching one to go with it.

We, meaning Promise House, along with the Development Office of ABC are hosting a dinner on the 31st for the Association of Development Offices that are within other children homes development offices. Recently, as we sat and planned the evening for our girls to serve, the idea about how to decorate came up. We are having a string band to sing and play for the evening meal. So whirling in our heads was a country theme. I mentioned that I had 28 of my mom's quilt tops in my possession. Mary Lou thought that was an awesome idea for the table tops. I told her they were in no way finished/quilted. She was fine with the idea. I must say at first I was not sure. But you know when God has a part of something it can become an awesome something! She brought the quilts back to the house after she had matched some colored typing paper to each quilt. The girls were asked to make 8 placemats each with Mary Lou to take them to office to laminate them. As Mary Lou layed the quilts out on the table this past Thursday I was amazed! I walked from table to table running my hands over the same quilts that my mom layed her hands on piece by piece. As I looked at the patterns I begin to pick out the dresses she made "us girls" as we were called, the shirts that she made Jesse and John for Easter one year, the dresses that she made Becka and me, my dress for my wedding shower, the dresses she made us girls for the many choir performances at Highland Baptist Church, the summer clothes she made for all her grandchildren at one time or another. I was amazed at the patterns.
I was touched and no, not in the head. I so wanted to call momma and tell her what was happening with her stuff. I could hear her laugh at the thought. I miss those talks with her. I am sure we all do!

On August 31, momma's quilts will be used as table cloths. As that ol song would sing about Momma's hands and the coat of many colors....I will think of those many, many warm quilts on those cold nights all due to momma's hands!