Thursday, March 25, 2010

Cleaner More.....

Today is the day that we show our lives to you thru Kelly's blog.

Topic:  Cleaning Supplies

I am sharing with you on Friday, the day before we always do

here at Promise House, some of my favorite cleaning supplies.

My favorite cleaning supply brush for the kitchen is sold at my favorite store.
You can find this item which is white with a blue handle hanging near the sponges on the cleaning alse.

One of our favorite cleaning supplies is a home rememdy of half water and half bleach in a spray bottle.
Normally, I try to hit the girls bathrooms several times a potties, I leave all that to them.
But I do spray down the sink and countertop!  Jesse will bleach the shower stalls about once a month.

Another one of our favorites is using vingear to clean with...
I have used this on showers, floors, cabinet tops
of course, I usually dilute it to half vinegar and half water!

My favorite pottie cleaner (for the outside, of course!) is the Colorox Wipes.  I have them in all the girls bathrooms right along with an old toothbrush to keep that pottie sparkling!

Sometimes I get the chance to walk the alses at the stores to see what products are now out on the market.
We are die hards around here for using the same things over and over....mostly if they are economical.

I am always up for new ideas.  We don't have crayon marks on the walls usually but I occasionally do find pen and pencil marks on the walls and furniture.  Graffitti is the name of that game! ha!

So what are some of your favorite cleaning supplies?  Do you have some homemade remedies that you could share with me?


Bonnie @ House of Grace said...

Great Tips!!! I saw you on Kelly's Korner. I am your newest follower. Please check me out when you can!

Beth McC. said...

Thanks for all the great tips! All this talk of cleaning makes me want to come and CLEAN!

Your blog is too cute! Thanks for sharing!~

Claire said...

I love your sweet blog! Great cleaning tips too.


Bell Brown said...

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