Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Baby Room for Babies to be!

Our girls here at the Promise House have chores that they do on a regular basis.  They get points for doing these if they have a good attitude, do them without being asked and no complaining. They also have a chance to earn extra points for other things they may do around the house.  Once every two weeks the girls get to visit the "Baby Room" to spend the points they have earned for the two weeks. 

All of the Baby Room things are donated to Promise House.  I love the baby room!  It is my favorite of all the rooms here at the house.  In the last year we have had two sets of moms that have twin girls give to the Baby Room.  Only if we could find a couple of sets of moms that have twin boys.  We have had more boys than girls born here at the house since we begin as houseparents in August of 2008.  You can see that by the amount of girl clothing versus the boy clothing.

Here are a few more pics of the room.  As you can tell it is well taken care of, our part time secretary takes the time to keep it clean.  She also has the opportunity to visit with each girl as they "shop" in the Baby Room.  Mary Jo is such a blessing to each of us!

Gotta go!  We have a youth group here playing games with our girls.  So I gotta check on things....thanks for stopping by to see me!

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Grace said...

What a blessing I love the baby room! I pray God blesses you and Jessie greatly for your endeavors!