Friday, March 5, 2010

What is your typical day like?

Kelly asked on her blog for all her friends to  post what your day is like.  I decided that I would post what a "typical" day is like here at the Promise House for a houseparent Mom. 

My morning starts at 7 a.m. if I don't have a girl ring the doorbell during the night.

At 8 I go  out and greet the girls for the start of a brand new day.

We have breakfast and do our chores before we go to school.

At 8:40ish, Mr. Jesse loads the girls that are enrolled in school and off they go...

This is when my day really starts rocking and rolling.

I take a sweep thru each of the girls rooms.
Make notes about what needs cleaning,
Wipe down the bathroom cabinets with a combination of bleach/water.
If I have a new girl that is not enrolled in school yet I get her busy doing extra chores for extra points.
The girls earn baby points by doing their chores.
(I will save the baby room for another day.)

By 10  I am usually in a meeting with Jennifer if she doesn't have an appointment scheduled for one of the girls.  I am the go getter for all the girls doctor and therapy sessions so during any typical day I can be going back and forth many times a day to the school.

At 12 we have lunch...lunch is always fix for yourself and clean up after yourself. 

In the afternoon if I am not on the road to the school I am busy cleaning where the house has not been touched...such as if a girl has a baby I am the one that goes in and packs her things then cleans the room from top to bottom for the next new girl to move into the room.
At 3:20 Jesse or I are on our way to the school to pick up the girls.  When we get home the girls have snack at 4.
After school is when all the fun begins.  Every day of the week has a different planned event for the girls sometime between 4 and 6.  If we don't have a planned event the girls are busy watrching the T.V. 
I have to make sure that the girls are washing their clothes at their scheduled times.
At 6'ish we eat supper/
I make sure the girls are finishing up their chores as soon as we finish supper.
7 p.m. - 9 p.m. The girls have phone time which is supervised by one of us being in the room.
8 p.m. Is our last snack time for the nite 8:30 p.m. is when meds begin to be distributed to the girls. 
The girls begin to get ready for bed by filling their water bottles.
9 p.m. is room time for the girls
10 p.m. is lights out.
Finally some down time for me! 
So I finally get in the bed between 11 and 12 p.m.

What does your day look like?

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