Thursday, March 25, 2010

Faster than a Speeding Bug

I have been asked recently...How do we do this? 
I always reply:  This?  Parenting? but then I am being a smarty britches when I say that!

I Love to show off the house to guest.
I have never been one to entertain before our move here.
Entertaining makes me so very very nervous...
but on a weekly basis we have 5-10 people/groups come by the Promise House for the first time.

Oooppsss!  I have got to rambling on the wrong trail..
Now back to How we do this?
Some days and nights are not easy at all
Some things I can share and some I can not

But tonight is a good "for instance"
or should I say this week being it is SPRING BREAK!
Nough said!

Anyways, we do this first because God has called us here
I have to remind myself of me the doubting Thomas I suppose
I am not sure if I can explain how we do this?

This week our girls discovered our spring time insect that claims our house every year...
the multi legged centipede!
Boy! I wish I could get as great a pic as they did!  O well...

They are sometimes seen running rapidly across the floor with great speed, stopping suddenly to remain motionless and then resuming fast movements at least going as fast as a speeding bullet.  No not really, but it does seem like they are going that fast!

Tonight after the "doorbell" rang for the 5th time...we have doorbells on each hall that they can ring if there is an emergency for instance .... your water breaks. you are in labor, etc.

I had one doorbell ring need to get me some larger pants...ummm so did you not think about this before 9 p.m., then the 2nd doorbell ring was I forgot to get my coat  ...  yeah, it is gonna be FREEZING in your room tonight when you sleep in your bed!  then the 3rd bell was planned...she needed to get her clothes out of the dryer.  On to the 4th doorbell ring...Mrs. Susan, I just killed one of them bugs in my bed!!!  In your bed?  Yes, In my bed!!  OK then so go back to your bed and get the bug out, put him in the trash and go to sleep.
Bell number 5....Mrs. Susan...I can't tell if there are any more bugs in my bed?  Did you look?  Yes ...well then go get back in your bed and I will be there in a few minutes.
I go to her room...she is standing in the doorway.  No plans of getting in her bed.  I search the bed.  Tell her all is clear of those bugs.  She says ok.
I sit back in my chair....AND you guessed it...
the doorbell rings for the 6th time in less than an hour and a half!
My bug girls says:  I need you to reset my alarm clock.
Me: Why?
Her:  cause I not on purpose unplugged it.
Me:  and how did that happen?
Her:  I was changing beds...
Ok I GIVE UP!  I am headed now to change the alarm clock and hopefully those centipedes won't follow her to the other bed in the room....
Hint:  Our girls love to hide candy in their bedrooms...and our bug guest love the smell of it!

One more funny for the evening

Girl tells friend on the phone:  I have done everything I know to get out of here and they won't budge!
I could't help but giggle!

Nite All!

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