Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Thankful Season for a 2 lb 9 oz baby boy!

Jesse asked me today if I had blogged lately...I replied no. What do you say when you have been where I have been the last 5 days. I can only say that we live in world where there is a God that still does miracles every minute, every second, every hour and every day. We just have to believe!

I started out this past change over time going straight to the hospital with one of our girls. As we sat, looked and listened to the ultra ultrasound being done I only prayed that we would hear his heartbeat! We did! God is good. The next few days entailed us listening to thump, thump, thump until I learned how to turn down the sound...thank goodness for the person that invented that button. I learned how to pray for exactly what my girl and her baby needed as nurses and doctors came in and out of our room. I learned that I, only if I have to, can do a bedpan. I never thought I would be brought to that part of our world. I learned that God has a plan for all of us....even the tiniest in the world.

We are very thankful for a 2 lbs 9 0z baby boy that was born today. The doctor and nurses tell us he is doing good for his size. I am thankful! Our baby boy gained 6 ozs in the hospital in less than 5 one can't tell me that is not a God thing.

I am thankful for this new mother. I am praying that she understands all that is here before her even with her being as young as she is herself.

I cannot post pictures. This is ok. Just know that for your prayers we are eternally grateful. We ask that you keep praying.