Monday, April 12, 2010


Below is a poem that my baby sister wrote recently.  It is about all of us, the Sanders' Girls, that is.  Our Momma and Daddy {yes, we still call our daddy...daddy at our age, but then I am not gonna tell my age! he!} picked our names out and we were all SAS.  Not only did our first names start with an S but all of our second names started with an A!  Our Mom's father nicknamed all of his children and grandchildren...he had 10 children so if I were to take a guess of the other generations...I would say around 50 before he passed away.  At the end of baby sis's poem is our nicknames...hence came the title "Que's Ramblings" but she didn't put hers, Stuffie.  Baby Sis you did an awesome job...just like Momma always did with her poems! 


Sisters are special

Sisters are sweet

God blessed me 'specially

Ya see he gave me three

Four different people are we

With four different ideas

Sanders' girls who are Sanders' headstrong

And may not always get along

Closer we have grown

In the past couple of years

Since God called our Momma home

While we shed lots of tears

I'm glad to call them my kin, my peeps, my sisters, my family

Que, Tater and Sissy

Love ya guys....

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Missie said...

I only have one sister, wish I had more. You're so lucky!