Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Que's Traveling Sewing Box

Looks like a tool box but.....

this tool box ...holds tools of another trade!

with a handy dandy tray that if you look closely the owner (me, ha!) bought at least 10 packs of sewing machine needles before I begin to organize the past couple of weeks!
So all the "loose" sewing stuff in my sewing room is now contained!
{Don't look too closely for you will see that I have a fixation with scissors!}

In the bottom part of the sewing box there is plenty of room for all my lovely things...

The neatest thing for this ol' Fibro lady is:

This baby has wheels! 


Sara said...

very neat! That must come in handy!
Thank you for follwoing me, I am your newest follwoer

Deb said...

I'm so glad you found me...and of course I love the title of your blog and your scripture reference!!! We seem to have a lot in common in other areas, too. My post tomorrow is concerning loosing weight!!! Congrats on your progress!!! Be sure and come by and leave a comment about any advice you can give!