Monday, April 26, 2010

Crafty Monday

I have been busy for over a month trying to get to a craft project.
Things just kept jumping in my way.  I can't imagine how 5 girls and a baby would do that! ha!
Yesterday I took the time to sit and make a bow with my bow a dabra that I received recently.
This is the neatest little item when it comes to making a bow...

Before I go to much longer I will explain why I have a "July 4th" bow made in April....I had to explain it to Jesse too!  I guess I am the only person with patriotic themes on my mind....but with my two boys in the Service I tend to lean that way!  So there is the reason I am making a bow and wreath for my door at the end of April!

After I was finished with the bow I sat it aside til this morning.  The following things are what I used in making my wreath. 
"Army Man Wreath"
1.  Wreath
2.  Red, white and blue flowers ( I found these at Michael's)
3. Stars and patriotic man  (I found these at Michaels too)
4. Yellow flowers with red tint (Yep, Michaels too)
5.  Glue Gun
6.  Pipe Cleaners

I started by attaching the bow to the wreath.  I put a small spot of glue on the yellow ribbons where they would attach to the wreath.  I then took the blue ribbon and attached them close to the yellow ribbons.

I took my cutting tool and cut the flowers off the stems.  I then took the flowers and attched them onto the wreath with the hot glue gun. 

I placed the Patriotic Man in the middle of the wreath at the bottom with the stars on the right and left of him. I worked with the bow some more as far as making it look better then I decided it was time to take the wreath to place it on my door.

As I past thru the apartment I asked Jesse how he liked it....He said:  "Susan, it is not July 4th."  He did not get it...this was about the boys not the 4th of July, although I can use it for that! 

Here is the wreath on the door:

The yellow is for when Ben goes overseas to Afghanstain.....goes something like this:
"Tie a yellow ribbon around the old oak tree"....


Anonymous said...

I LOVE it momma!!!!


Mamma has spoken said...

I put my red, white and blue out around mid May and it stays out until the fall/September. Oh wait, I went ahead and put out some of my yard stuff that is Uncle Sam, never mind. Any time is a good time for red, white, blue and yellow!