Friday, April 23, 2010

How I Met My Husband

at Kelly's Korner...I don't think I have ever told this story before except for when I had to correct Jesse telling it, of course! hehe!

How I met my Husband

I say: We met at a youth fellowship somewhere in the fall of 1979. My family was preparing to move to Mississippi to be near my Mom's parents so we were over there almost every weekend. We lived in West Monroe, La.
He says: That he was standing outside the church with his bestfriend the morning that my family drove up to attend church. (This would be a small country church) When I got out of the car (with my three other sisters, mind you! well, except Stephanie was like probably around 6 so she don't count) he turned to Morris and said: I'm gonna marry that girl someday! I have always kidded him that who was I to know that it was me with two other sisters close in age. ha!

I say: My dad would not let me date him until I was older cause he is 5 years older than me.
He says: I had my eyes on someone else and he had to wait til I turned them off that guy.

I say: He asked me out in October 1982. We went to see Rocky, of which he loves all of the Rocky movies, and to eat at Burger King.
He says: I agree that we did BUT you were so afraid to eat out that I had to force you to go there with me.

I say: I agree when the only times growing up that "going out to eat" was driving thru the Burger King drive thru and picking up the order to take back home.
I would not go back out with him again until March 1983. I was so scared that I was falling in love with him. Even though I was only 17 this idea scared me to death. We dated until my birthday, which is April 20, when he started talking to me about the idea of getting married. He then asked me to marry him on my 18th birthday. This idea rocked my world! I said no. Yes, I know that I was awful but ... We did go to my Prom that year together. To make the long story short sometime right after I graduated we were dating again.

Jesse was in the National Guard at that time. So the first two weeks of June he spent at Camp Shelby while I slaved away at T.G.& Y. hehe...not really "slaved" but I did work. I can say that I knew by then that he was the one and I had to get over this silly fear that I had. While he was gone to Camp Shelby I missed him tons. He called to tell me he would see me that weekend for he would be home. I was busy cleaning out the fish tank...woah! what a lovely job that was! when someone tapped me on the shoulder. I turned to see him in his fatigue's and started crying...I was so happy to see him! ( By the way, there is nothing like a man in fatique's or BDU's)
That weekend he proposed again and I said Yes!
We got married December 10, 1983.
We have been married 26 1/2 years with a daughter and two sons, two in-laws and one grandson!

Life couldn't be any better!


Kelly L said...

Very sweet post!

Love to you

Mamma has spoken said...

Funny how we remember the events a little differently from our spouses!