Sunday, April 4, 2010

Que's Lists, Clippies and Labeling

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I am a few days late!   but better late than never...hehe!  We have been on the road since Friday traveling to see our daughter and son-in-love plus my sister and bro-in-love with my precious nephew and niece too boot!  I am such a blessed person to be able to see family when I do.  Another topic for another day...Organization is the name of the game this week.   I have a huge house that has to be ready to be shown at any given minute.  I strive to keep it clean and in an oraganizational type way.  I did not do this as a mom to my three children .... but we do it here.  We just had "pick up -- clean up" when the kids were at home!

Ways to keep organized:

1.  Recently I have made a daily list for my things to do here at the house.  This keeps me updated on everything and keeps the house running smoothly.  I have even divided the things I have to do that the girls cannot do on different days so that I am not doing everything one day a week.  I tryed this for the first time last week...Awesome!

2.  We keep charts on how much water the girls drink each day.  I can't say that I thought of the following idea but it would have been nice!  A former housemother did!  I took permanent markers and colored two clothes pins a certain color.  Then I moved on to the next color and the next, etc until I had enough colored clothes pins for each girl to have two of the same color.  When the girl drinks her 32 ozs. of water she brings a "clippie" to me, attaches it to my shirt and then when I am around the chart I mark her water for that clippie.  Each girl is suppose to drink 64 ozs. of water each day.  This has helped me out so more standing and saying the name loudly like:  Girl {insert name here} have you drunk any water today?   This makes less stress for me~

3.  Labeling things has also been another great way to help me out.  We have a label machine and I have become the queen!  No, not really but I can say that Fall, Christmas, Valentines and Easter things will be much easier to find next year in those dear ol plastic tubs of mine!

That's it for this post!  Thanks and have a great week!

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