Sunday, May 2, 2010

Our Last Two Days

Some of us felt like Toto and Dorothy on Friday evening
Just as we sat down to supper, which was BBQ chicken drums..yum!
The first siren for the evening blared out into our so quiet home.
The girls were awesome!
They all moved at a fast pace but not the East hallway.
This was our first real tornado siren since August 2008
As I got to them ...they were excited and had all kinds of questions
I told them to settle down "Toto" we would all be ok
I gathered pillows and covers then begin to answer the questions
I was amazed at the girls that had never heard a tornado siren before
Here in the city we get our weekly one every Wednesday at noon.

We were able to get up before long but then headed back to the hallway within 15 minutes
We were the fornuate ones that did not have a tornado come too close to us
Many were left without homes, family or friends before Friday and Saturday night were over.

I was scanning the pictures on Arkansas Matters when I came across the video below
If we could have all fit in a tub or had a tub to fit in...ha!  we all have showers here!
This would have been us exactly.
I love the bigger dog playing with the seemingly smaller dog!

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Mamma has spoken said...

No basement? Around here we are getting so use to the sirens that we don't always run to the basement even when we hear it going off. Sad I know, but it seems like they turn it on for the lease little reason....