Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Laisy Day Saturday

Today has been a lazy daisey day!
Becka and Stormy are on their way back home.
The surprise that she gave to us by appearing on Wednesday evening was awesome!
We enjoyed the visit with her but then anytime we are around the family we are overly excited.

On Thursday afternoon we went and ate at

They have the best SUPREME SALAD and then to boot their Supreme pizza is good too.
By the way, the pizza is gluten free!

As we were driving out of the parking lot a friend from Lamar, drove into the parking lot.
So we met up in the Wal-greens parking lot where we visited with Jill for a few minutes.
Jill calls or comes by almost every time she is in Little Rock.
She is so sweet to do this for me...sure is a "happy" in the middle of my chaos most times!

We then headed to the New Balance Store to get my new shoes.
I must say that I call them my "Memaw" shoes (only because these are the shoes my mom had to wear) but they are quite comfortable.  I could almost sell you on them but then I don't think I would make
any commission on them!  lol!
This quote came from New

Developed for all day comfort, this industry-leading motion control walking shoe is a perfect choice for those seeking maximum stability. The 927 features the ROLLBAR® for enhanced motion control and advanced cushioning ABZORB® SBS in the heel for exceptional shock absorption.

Becka and I hit the Party City here in LR and in NLR while daddy sat in the car!
We then got a visit at Hobby Lobby before we made it home for the day.

On Friday we ate out lunch at Sam' about cost effiecient..$1.80 for a sausage dog and a drink.
After I had physicial therapy we took daddy home while we went to WalMart, Hobby Lobby and then $1 tree.  One day in the future I will be able to share what all this double store shopping is about but until then it is a secret! ha!  We ended our day at Shorty Smalls for supper.  Becka had never eaten there so we were able to share a different meal with her.
Then we went home to watch movies for the evening.

On Saturday, we ate at Olive Garden, they have the best salad and soup!
We came back home where she said her goodbyes and we got hugs from her and rubs for Stormy!



Grace said...

Wasn't the gluten-free pizza great? In MS we have no where like that :( maybe in the future. We do have a few restaurants with gf menus. Thanks for the post and including about the gf pizza.

Susan said...

No Problem! Yes, the GF pizza was awesome! Since you have made me aware of GF it is amazing how much stuff I have found that is GF free! but then on the other hand there is quite a bit that is not free~! Have a great week!~

Missie said...

Enjoy the weekend coming up. I'm so behind in reading blogs! LOL