Monday, September 7, 2009

Momma's Quilts help host a Party

Promise House and the ABCH Development departement recently hosted a dinner for the Association of Southern Baptist Chhildren Homes Development, PR and Media. We used quilt tops that Momma had done before she past away last year. Did I say that I along got 28 quilt tops that need to be finished! Mom would cut and sew quilt tops while doing a lot of praying for things in her life.
The Promise House girls made all the placemats for the dinner. I was totally amazed at how well they all went together.
Mary Lou and the girls decorated the tables with the daisys in the fruit jars. Mary Lou took the time to teach the girls some techniques about setting the table for company.

This was a very bittersweet time for me. I sure wish I could still touch the hands that did all this sewing on these quilts. This was a time I wanted to pick up the phone and call her telling her what her handiwork was doing now.

The printed squares to the right of the jar that has the red blocks in it was one of my maternity tops that she made me. I found lots of different prints that mom had made me and the kids clothes thru out the year. My only question is: Will I ever get 28 quilt tops made in my lifetime? Momma did have a sense of think?

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