Monday, October 26, 2009

I was blind but now I see.....

Tonight we finally got to talk with the kids who are 8 1/2 hours away! We had a blast. We played patty cake and waved at each other, by the way B's first time to wave at others was tongiht. I don't have a picture of K' but I will add one of him tomorrow evening. B and K were eating their supper that daddy said was a true "Owen supper" and I could tell they did take some things after their dad. He fixed them a ham sandwhich.K is 14 months and B is 13 months so I had no idea how he was getting them to eat a sandwhich with mayonaise. Daddy had cut the bread into tiny bites, along with the ham and cheese. Mammie doesn't know things and how they happen now days. No mayo was involved in this supper. But first we had to eat our bread then we ate our meat and cheese.
These were are first pics of the boys with Skype. We were at a conference last week with ABCH where we were sitting at the table with a relief houseparent from another ABCH home. Those of us that had grandchildren talked about them. One of the houseparents shared how she talked with hers, rather watched hers play cause they were too little to talk back. She loved it! She was a encouragement to me about my children and grandchildren. I can see them now.

Isn't it amazing what God has allowed man the knowledge to create? I agree some is for the good and some is for the bad but after tonight.....I believe that what I was able to use to witness my grandchildren eating was "for the good". As tears came to my eyes tonight watching the boys with their daddy....I am thankful this Thanksgiving season for my grandbabies and children whether by birth or by law! I love ya'll!

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