Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Scarecrows and Fall...o my!

I love Fall time. We have been busy decorating our home here at Promise House. I wanted a scarecrow for our outside door decoration. I was having trouble finding one that I really, really liked. So I came up with the idea, since I have all this fall fabric between what belonged to my mom and what I have bought over the years!

So with a 99 cent special pattern and a small bag of rafia....tada! My very own scarecrow! almoist finished here....gotta make a face tomorrow...more pics later! By the way this is a costume now featured as a scarecrow for display! ha!

Just a quick look at our fall decorations at Promise House! The girls love the homey feel that we now have! We do plan on painting pumkins in the future.....will show more pics of their artistic selves!

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