Saturday, July 10, 2010

Build A Bear Fun at Promise House

Most Fun Ever

We recently had a group of Senior Adults from our church known as the Keenagers give a donation so that we could take the girls to Build A Bear.  We were really hesistant about how they would like it or not.  I on the other hand was extremely excited to be able to go. I think the girls had no problem telling if I was or not.

A Girl Picking Out a Bear From the Wall

We went on a Thursday evening.  The Build A Bear here in our city was so extremely helpful with our group.  We had enough to plan it as a birthday party, of which it wasn't so I called it the Bear Party.  The girls were able to pick out which ever bear or animal that they wanted and the clothing with accessories to go with it.  They had a budget of $37 a piece.
A Girl Filling Out Her Bears Birth Certificate

I did not get my bear exactly when they got theirs but instead I wondered around looking and admiring the smiles on the faces of the girls.  They were so excited!  Most of the girls came to me at sometime and told me they were having a hard time choosing clothing for their bear.  One girl told me it was like shopping for herself!  My heart was happy.
Heather, Our Bear Party Guide

The girls were very patient with Heather, our party guide, as she helped them keep up with their dollar amounts so that they would not go over their budget.  (What a great Math class but was so much fun!)
The girls were able to get a picture as a group, their own birth certificate and we got BOGO 4 oz. ice cream cones from Baskin Robbins! 
Yummi! in our tummies!

The babies they got to stuff at Build a Bear.

We want to give a very big thank you to our Keenagers!  You gave us a wonderful time with each other while the girls learned more addition and subtraction along with how to work a budget!  Thank You!

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