Monday, November 10, 2008

Susan's Purpose Driven Life....

Today I was given the privilege of taking one of our girls over to the clinic for a checkup. As we waited in the waiting room, I glanced around for something to read. Since I am out of the baby realm, as far as having them myself, I didn't find the Parent magazine in my taste of literature to read today. I did see the Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren. We did this study in our church about 5 years ago. I opened the book to the first day and read it. There have been times in my life that I have questioned what it is that I am suppose to do here on Earth. Today I was reminded just what "i" am suppose to do. "I" am suppose to look toward God...he will direct me in the ways that he wants me to go. Now to some that may seem just plum dumb stupid, to quote an old friend, but to me God was telling me that being the Momma to my three kids was just right where he wanted me. Although some may say I wasn't the greatest I did what I knew best. Now I serve God thru being no less than a momma to all the girls that have passed thru, are here and who will pass in the future. God holds my plans in his hands and he knows what is best for me!

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