Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Rest and Relaxiation!

This Thursday we start 11 days off...no kids! no cooking unless we choose! one hundred percent Nothing! I figured up today that since we started on August 11 of this year for one reason or another we have worked all but 10 days. When we were back there looking here it didn't seem bad at all. But now looking back we need a break! So we are starting off by sleeping for two days! ha! then we are traveling down to Louisiana to spend time with Becka and my dad, and a couple of sisters at a reunion on daddy's side of the family. On Sunday we are going to go farther south to John and Georgiana's to help with the babies on this coming Monday while Georgiana returns to work. John will be onshore on Wednesday.
Please pray for our traveling safety, pray for our girls here as we leave them for a "very long" time, pray for one of John and Georgie's baby foster boy's, he has RSV and in the hospital, pray for Becka as she continues to try to heal from the pneumonia, pray for this ol degenerative osteoarthritis that I have that it will take a chill pill.

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