Thursday, September 18, 2008

Two Babies later...

As our life begins to settle down from the whirl of baby birthing I feel a long winter's nap coming....well at least in 6 days when we get off for 4! We have sent one to the hospital for an inducement which I was able to be there for the birth. I actually made it thru the birth and all of its glory without passing out. I can now say that giving birth is really a miracle of God. This little one came into this world but fast to be transferred to the NICU. I can say that after several days there he is now here at the Promise House with his mom. He is doing well. We normally don't take them back here to the Promise House with the baby but since he has an appointment on Monday with Children's Hospital we allowed them to come back here. Our other girl gave birth to a boy on Monday evening. Mom and baby are doing great! They were discharged to go home on Wednesday evening. Today we got another new girl! Thank goodness for Sonic and Happy Hour...takes the nerve endings and makes them manageable with a Route 44 Diet Coke! I can taste it now!

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