Friday, September 5, 2008

Gustav and 6 dogs

This past weekend was a busy weekend. John, Georgiana and K'Lyn plus Ray and Terri came for an unexpected weekend. The unexpected was nice in one way and bad in the next. We enjoyed having them for the weekend but the reason why they came could have turned out to be tragic. Both of their houses survivied the storm, leaving our kids with no power as of last night. We have a habit in our family of traveling with dogs. This storm was no different. John/Georgiana have two plus Ray/Terri have 3 then we had to count TJ in on the count. The dogs were outside in a pen so we had no problems. The girls really enjoyed them. They would come inside to get ice cubes for their wtaer just to see Madame blow bubbles thru their nose plus see her eat the ice like a human. This was too funny. When they all left on Tuesday to go back home our kids took T.J. with them. T.J. was a good friend to me thru a hard time in my life. Funny how you get attached to them four legged creatures!

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