Sunday, December 28, 2008

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

As I sit and write...I wonder what God has in store for Jesse and me as a family this coming year. I went today to pick up some items for Promise House girls for their birthdays this coming year if they are in our care when it comes about. I had a blast! I love clearance and discounts ...Wal-Mart had both today. While I passed thru the Tree Shop...I couldn't help but wonder what Momma was thinking last year when she bought that Christmas tree at the after Christmas Sale. I am sure she was wondering what the next year would be like...she had officially began her retirement on the last day of school in December, 07. Mom was a giver not a taker! She showed me how to have the servant heart that I have today.
We always come to this time of year to make those changes in our lives and to see if we can really hold on to those changes all year long. I just pray that we will be the servant that God wants us to be. We made a choice this year to go wherever he wanted us to go...if I had made the choice I would have been serving in Louisiana somewhere near my kids. But we have allowed the God of our life to make that choice. This Christmas...I made the statement to the kids that I wished that I could serve closer to my kids. The older two made great and mighty statements back to me. One said " Mom, How long have you been away from family? Almost 20 years, right?" I said, "Yes!' The other are doing what God wants you to do. We will be there for ya!
So I ask you tonite as I write....Are you being the servant that God wants you to be?

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