Friday, August 22, 2008

How are we doing?

I have heard that a lot in the past few days. So I thought I would share with our friends. We are doing ok. I can't say that life here at the Promise House is not challenging for I would be telling a lie. It is! I can say that since we have been coming to the Promise House including before we came on August 11, I have seen God do wonders with these girls. I do see changes and that is all owed to God. Yes, He used Ryan/Amada and us as his tools but he has been the difference in the girls lives. Now to just be able to explain that to the girls where they will understand.

One of our girls told me that she could see a change in herself and it was for the better. Another girl told me some time back that she was an athiest. God opened the doors the other day for me to show pictures to her of a premie baby born at 28 weeks. With his moms permision, I was able to show this particular girl the improvement with Issac from Week 1 to Week 3. I am so excited that God used me to share with the girl his miracles with Issac. Sometimes we have to look for the "bloom" know: "Bloom where you are planted!"

God has been good to us. Please continue to pray for us! We have three girls due the week of September 9th!

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